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Management Advisory (MAS)

Management Advisory (MAS)

Management Advisory Services are a key area in any businesses need.  Since 1935, Gordon J Maier & Company, LLP takes pride in providing this service to help your business succeed. 

Here are some types of Management Advisory Services:

Business Valuation

  • What is my business actually worth?
  • Are you looking to buy, sell, gift, or transition your business? 

Asset Utilization 

  •  Is your business getting the most out of your assets?

Buy vs Lease Analysis

  • Should you buy the asset or lease it over a period of time?

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Is the business bringing in enough cash to cover our expenses and future purchases? 

Corporate Budgeting

  • Help your business control spending and determine if you’re meeting your sales goals.

Financing Debt

  • We can help you acquire the financing you may need or help with restructuring your debt with the banks.

Inventory Control Procedures

  • We can review your inventory procedures, determine if you are valuing your inventory correctly and help with your physical counting procedures.

Fraud Services

  • Do you feel someone is stealing from your company? We can help examine your transactions to determine if this is true.